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PODCAST – Long Distance Gaming – Burger Up! w/ Seppy Yoon

https://soundcloud.com/meeplegamers/burger-up-w-seppy-yoon-1/s-QiYkc Seppy Yoon chooses to teach Josh that if you can't stand the heat, you should stay out of the kitchen. Josh refuses to listen, as usual.

SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY – Rome & Roll – PSC Games – Preview

Rome & Roll, the most out of this world in terms of difficulty roll and write that exists.

PODCAST – Long Distance Gaming – Chai w/ Az Drummond

https://soundcloud.com/meeplegamers/long-distance-gaming-chai-w-az-drummond/s-Fx9ia Josh Hale 0:00 Hi, this is Josh Hale with a long distance gaming podcast brought to you by the maple gamers broadcast network 524. Labs...

Irish Gauge – Capstone – Review

Could an 18xx really be played in under an hour? Yes, and it is fun!

Why Board Games? – Attorney Josh Hale

  The only attorney I know with a green mohawk. Here's the thing. I went to law school. I did the do. I represented clients in some huge cases. You might even still be able...

Long Distance Gaming – Imhotep w/ Filip Glowacz

https://soundcloud.com/meeplegamers/long-distance-gaming-imhotep-filip-glowacz/s-Nngdm Apologies about poor sound quality. This particular broadcast was a beast, but did not want you to miss out on Filip Glowacz.Josh Hale Josh...

PODCAST – Long Distance Gaming – Max Seidman – Patchwork

https://soundcloud.com/meeplegamers/long-distance-gaming-max-seidman-resonym-patchwork-episode-18/s-yTqqa Josh Hale 1:36 Welcome to the long distance gaming podcast. We are brought to you by 524. Labs, Odom publishing and Unknown Speaker 1:46 ...

Bee Lives: We Will Only Know Summer – Hit ‘Em With a Shoe – Review

Facebook Twitter Instagram The game is made quite beautifully, and one of my favorite things is the honey dice or bee colored dice.  Josh MeepleGamers  10/10 Publisher: Hit 'Em With A Shoe Designer: Matt Shoemaker Artist: Alina Josan Artist: Helen Shoemaker Game Type: Drone Placement Game Type: Resource Management Initial Year...

Podcast – Long Distance Gaming – Rachael Blaske – Smash-Up!

https://soundcloud.com/meeplegamers/long-distance-gaming-max-seidman-resonym-games-playing-patchwork Josh Hale 0:00 Welcome to the long distance gaming podcast on the medieval gamers broadcast network. I would like to let you know that there ain't nobody dope as...

Cloudspire – Chip Theory Games – Review

Facebook Twitter Instagram Cloudspire is built with quality in mind and WOW. Josh Hale MeepleGamers  8.9/10 Publisher: Chip Theory Games Designer: Josh J. Carlson Designer: Adam Carlson Designer: Josh Wielgus Artist: Jared Blando Artist: Melonie Lavely Artist: Anthony LeTourneau Game Type: Variable Player Powers Game Type: HEX Movement Game Type: RPG...

About Me

Josh Hale is an avid TT gamer and loves the process of learning something new not by reading directions, but by playing through a round. He also is a single father and lawyer, so staying busy is never a problem.
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